Sliding panels or panel tracks as they are known, provide a simple, stylish and highly versatile solution to a variety of doors and windows. These blinds are known to be a stylish solution for patio doors, large picture windows and sliding glass doors. Sliding panel blinds offer a more modern and uniform appearance to the home as opposed to vertical blinds.

How They Work

Each sliding panel blind rides on an individually wheeled carrier or track for easy operation and modern appearance. These large, fabric panels hang vertically and slide to reach open or closed positions. Panel track blinds and sliding window panels can be mounted to the ceiling or the wall, the latter being much more common, depending on your home décor needs. Also, the high quality hardware from our top brands allows these panels to be easily removed and attached to their tracks.

Light Control

The sliding panels provide the same benefits as roller blinds but larger areas can be covered with sliding panels.


  • Overlapping fabric panels glide effortlessly on a wheeled track system and attach quickly and effortlessly to the included hardware
  • Available in many fabric patterns, styles, and colours
  • Choose right, left, or split stack to suit your window covering needs (where your blinds will stack when completely open)
  • Optional upgrades include valances, blackout & privacy liners, and edge bindings Options
  • Blinds can ‘stack’ or gather on either side of the window. You’ll typically want to match the way your door opens.
  • You’ll also need to think about whether you want the stack (all of the gathered vanes or materials) to be fully off the window for an unobstructed view, in which case you’ll need to add extra width to your ordered size – talk to our sales department to find out exactly how much width to add.
  • Privacy and blackout options are available for sliding panel.

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