Wood blinds can be made out of different types of timber including basswood, bamboo, kiri, and obachi wood.

You then have the choice of how your timber or wood is finished. You can leave it natural or stain them with the colour of your choice, or paint them any colour you can imagine. On top of that, you can choose from different types of wood blinds. Wood blinds come in standard slat sizes of 50mm and 63mm and are custom made to fit in your windows or openings.

Wood Venetian Blinds are Versatile

One of the biggest attractions of wood blinds is how versatile they are. They can be used in any style of home from ultra contemporary through to country, and look equally at home. This is because you can change the look of the blind by doing thing such as changing the size and width of the slats, changing the finish or colours of the blinds, and so on. Provided they are properly treated and protected, wood blinds can be used anywhere – in your living areas, in the bedrooms, in your kitchen, and even in more challenging areas such as your bathrooms or outdoor areas. While you do need to be more cautious in wet areas if using real wood blinds.

Wood Venetian Blinds are Effective

One thing that you do want your wood venetian blinds to do apart from looking good is to be effective. That is, you want them to work as a good window treatment. There are no worries with this as wooden blinds give you precise control over how much light and heat enter the home and also your privacy levels. You can adjust the slats of the blinds to be as far open or closed as you like at any time. Wood blinds are also effective insulators as they don’t conduct heat or cold.

Wood Venetian Blinds Provide a Unique Look

Another thing about wood blinds is that they give your home a look that cannot be achieved by any other form of window treatment. They make your home look warm and cosy, as they are so inviting. You naturally feel more comfortable in a room with wood blinds installed. They also give your home a certain amount of charm.

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