Aluminium venetian blinds have enjoyed years of popularity because of their functionality and value. They’re light, versatile, and come in different slat sizes for a more dramatic view. Aluminium blinds are easily manoeuvrable allowing you to effortlessly control the amount of light coming into your home.

Our aluminium blinds are lightweight yet sturdy and are so reasonably priced, you could furnish every window in your home in one sitting. They have one of the widest colour selections of any window covering to guarantee you’ll find the perfect shade to complement your home décor. If you’re looking for simple and affordable window covering, aluminium blinds are an excellent choice.

We typically think of slats fully opened to let in the light or slats fully closed to block out the light. However various angles of tilt serve different purposes. Tilting the Venetian blind up to reflect light towards the ceiling in the summer will keep the rooms up to 10 degrees cooler. Tilt them down in the winter to conserve heat by aiming the light towards the floor and the heat will warm the room as it rises.

How They Work

All aluminium venetian blinds are most commonly operated through the use of a wand or cord. The cord or wand are used to tilt the slats all the way open, closed or anywhere in between. Another cord is designated for raising and lowering the entire stack of slats. It is important to check if all the slats are properly aligned before adjusting them to avoid possible damage.

Light Control & Privacy

Aluminum venetian blinds provide excellent privacy. You can lower the entire stack of slats to cover the entire window and adjust the slats so they are titled shut. The slats can also be tilted to block out the direct sunlight but natural light can still fill the entire room.

Thickness of slats

There are different levels of slat thickness for the 25mm and 50mm blinds. The 50mm slats are thicker and should be used in rooms that get the most wear and tear.

Why Customised blinds?

Custom blinds are made to fit the measurements of your windows so they fit properly. It is also specifically made for your window and it doesn’t look like an add-on to the outside of the window. The superior manufacturing processes and premium materials used in our window treatments help extends their lifespan, ensuring you a top quality product that will complement your other home furnishings.

Beneficial Features of Aluminium Venetian Blinds

  1. Available in materials that are great in humid environments
  2. Increased privacy
  3. Offer control over natural light infiltration and glare
  4. Durable
  5. Easy to clean and maintain
  6. Customizable to meet design needs
  7. Most cost-effective
  8. Versatile
  9. Available in different finishes, sizes, and many colours
  10. The silvery finish reflects both light and heat to enable you to control the temperature of the room to some extent.

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