Bamboo blinds, or woven wooden shades will evoke a sense of warmth and exotic appeal to your home or your office space. The natural aesthetic adds an eye catching texture to your space and these blinds come in a variety of materials to suit your individual décor style. The materials on offer include: reeds, bamboos, grasses, wood planks and matchsticks. These striking materials are often woven together with manmade materials to add an even more stunningly rustic appeal to the blinds


Though they are commonly called bamboo blinds, woven wood shades, as the name would suggest, are made with natural and/or man-made materials like bamboo, wood planks, reeds, matchsticks, wild grasses, ropes and twine woven together in various patterns. Some styles use only one of these materials, others use a combination. The low density of the bamboo also has practical advantages, making the blinds easy to raise or lower; as well as being easy to clean. Bamboo blinds are also a durable, low maintenance option for the home, being impervious to high humidity and heat – which makes them suitable for kitchens; as well as being mould and insect resistant. Looks range from rustic to sophisticated.

Why Custom

Custom bamboo blinds and woven wood shades are made based on your window measurements and specifications so they fit properly and work better. Our woven woods and woven grass shades are of top quality and come in a much wider range of colours, styles and options. The superior production process and premium materials used in our products help extend the life, as well as provide a superb product that complements your other home furnishings.

Beneficial Features of Bamboo Blinds

  1. Renewable -The fast growing nature of bamboo means that it is getting replaced pretty much as soon as it is harvested, unlike timber forests which take decades to regrow.
  2. Bamboo blinds will last for years on any window without fading, warping, or otherwise deteriorating
  3. They can stand up to any weather conditions including intense sun and they are also incredibly moisture resistant
  4. Bamboo blinds have a beautiful classic, natural look but they can also bring a touch of the exotic to the home
  5. Easy to clean and maintain
  6. Customizable to meet design needs
  7. Very cost-effective – better than wood venetian
  8. Most bamboo blinds have a great insulating effect when they are installed on your windows
  9. Available in different patterns textures, finishes, sizes, and colours
  10. Easy to operate with simple mechanisms.

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