Roller Blinds are an exceptional economic option for window coverings. Prime blinds offers a premier and comprehensive range of roller blinds for you to choose from. If you are looking for light filtering, room darkening, block out or solar shades, we have the gorgeous solution for you. Whether you are searching for a reliable block out solution, to keep light from entering your space and leaving you with a calm environment, then our block out roller blinds are the effective solution. This window covering is easy to use and is a popular choice for media rooms, nurseries and bedrooms. Our solar view fabrics are designed to give you a magnificent view of the outside, while keeping out the sun’s harmful UV rays. We offer the most exclusive range of roller blinds, all of which are made at the most international of standards. For the best roller blinds in Gauteng, look no further than Prime Blinds.

How they work

Chain driven (Side Winder) system allows operation of blind using chain operation either on left or right side. An option of either nickel plated metal or stainless steel ball chains are available. We only use the chain system as it is much more convenient than spring operated, and allows for more control when operating the blind. An easy lift system is available for the easier operation of heavier blinds using a 40mm or 45mm tube. A multi link system or bracket allows us to cover a large expanse of glazed area, utilising a single control to operate up to three separate roller blinds. The visible gap between the blinds is kept to a minimum. A due link system or bracket allows for 2 separate roller blinds to be operated independently using a single centre bracket, thus limiting the visible light gap between two blinds. You have the option of choosing either a standard or reverse roll lift system. Standard roll means that the fabric rolls off the back of the shades, allowing the fabric to hang closer to the window for better light control. Reverse roll means that the fabric rolls off the front of the shade, hiding the fabric roll. The down side of reverse roll is the fabric hangs farther from the window glass which decreases light control. However, if you choose standard roll, the back of the fabric roll will show.

Motorised roller blinds

We also supply motorised roller blinds at the best prices available today. Simply hit a button on a remote control and the blind will lower or raise as you need. Motorising sunscreen blinds is a particularly good option if the blind is located behind furniture, is high up or is otherwise difficult to reach. Motorised blinds can also be linked to your home automation system if you have one. Each motorised roller blind can be operated by its own remote or up to 5 blinds in the same room can be operated simultaneously by a single remote.

Bonded roller blinds

Bonded blinds are where we use a customer’s own fabric and laminate it to a white backing to make a roller blind. We can only use lightweight natural fabrics like cotton or linen as synthetic fabrics might have a chemical reaction with the clue that we bond it to the backing.panels that will not warp.

Designer fabric roller blinds

The designer fabric collection is a unique collection of fabrics chosen to complement any decor. The wide selection of fabrics, with a range of textures and patterns, add a new dimension to the use of roller blinds as a decorative element. Whether it be jacquards or prints, textures or colours, the designer fabric collection is a dynamic range that is updated every 24 months, thus ensuring that the range will encompass the latest decor trends.

Outdoor Roller Blinds

Outdoor Roller blinds are ideal for large openings between pillars on patios or entertainment areas as they are capable of covering very large expanses and they can be joined together if required. They have all the same qualities as the indoor blockout or sunscreens. With outdoor roller blinds, you have the option of operating them manually or motorising them. They are also custom-made to perfectly fit your space and of the components that are required to operate the blind are more rugged for outdoor use.

Blockout Roller Blinds

Blockout roller blinds, also called blackout shades, block up to 99% of all incoming light. This is a popular feature for bedrooms and home theaters, or any room where you want to block out almost all light

Things To Consider:

Keep in mind that the blockout property of a window covering applies only to light trying to pass through the blind – you will also need to consider light going around the shade. For blinds ordered as inside mount, depending on your window depth and construction, light may creep around the side of the blind. A drapery or side panel can help cover up this light seepage.

Other Options

Another option is an outside mount shade – just remember to add enough width and length to fully cover the window plus part of the wall to prevent light from going around the shade. Although there may still be a soft glow around the edges of the shade, no direct sunlight will pass through the shade material.

Solar View Or Sunscreen Roller Blinds

Window coverings aren’t just for privacy anymore. Products like solar view blinds or shades can add style to your room while blocking harmful UV rays, protecting your furniture from fading and you can still enjoy the outside view. Solar view blinds or indoor sun shades are made from a mesh material that very effectively reduces the absorption of heat through the window. They absorb and reflect solar heat before it actually enters the window. So, by limiting solar heat gain, these modern solar shades are very energy efficient. In the summer, they limit solar heat gain and in the winter, they help prevent radiant heat from escaping to the outside. In summer heat gain through a glass window can be as much as 87%, while in winter, heat loss can be up to 49%. Solar view fabrics is GREENGUARD certified for both the Indoor Air Quality Certification Program and Children Schools Certification Program.

Beneficial Features of Solar view or Sunscreen roller blinds

  1. Fabric composition of 30% polyester and 70% PVC provides for great tensile strength and durability.
  2. The variety of colours available will match any decor.
  3. Solar view is premium fade resistant to suit the harsh South African conditions.
  4. The solar view fabrics can effectively decrease heat and glare transmitted into internal spaces while still allowing outward vision.
  5. Reduction in demand for air conditioning reduces electricity consumption.
  6. Because of the synthetic composition of the blinds it is easy to clean and maintain with just an soapy cloth.
  7. Eco friendly, gas emissions is well below international standards – suitable for people with allergies and asthma
  8. Fire retardant fabrics, designed and manufactured to comply with Building Code of Australia requirements.
  9. With accessories like Ease lift system and Duo and Multi links, even large blinds can be operatec with ease.
  10. Roller blinds can be operated remotely with the very cost effective motorisation option.

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