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PRIME BLINDS have in-house available 5 dedicated installers with collectively more than 50 years blinds and shutters installation experience. We specialize in the installation of blinds, shutters and motorised blinds. Our installers have successfully installed more than 10,000 blinds over the last 10 years. Our aim is to apply our motto, striving for the exceptional, on every installation.


With our extensive knowledge and experience we are capable of advising customers on the right blinds for their specific need. We are also in the fortunate position to have available 2 qualified interior designers and an interior architect to help with the design and planning of decor projects that entails more than just blinds. As blinds are an integral part of a home’s decor it is necessary to choose blinds that will enhance and compliment the style of the house and specific decor requirements of the customer. By keeping in mind and incorporating other decor items, like curtains/furniture/carpets/paint and cabinetwork, we ensure that the end product surpasses the clients greatest expectations.

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One of the original establishers of our blinds business 10 years ago owns an interior design company, The Softs Factory. She also has the biggest private curtain workshop in Gauteng with more than 12 seamstresses. By using her experience and decor products, as well as the design skills of an interior architect, Jacques Smit designs, we can provide customers with a one stop decor solution and ensure that all the decor elements fit in and compliment each over. We have worked on more than 200 complete decor projects together and can draw on that experience to help many other clients in future.

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