The prevalent window treatment used on sliding glass doors and large windows is vertical blinds. We offer you a wide variety of premier and custom vertical blinds to suit all décor aesthetics. With our customised and bespoke vertical blinds, we are able to give you an elegant yet functional window covering solution. Whether you require these blinds to reduce light flow or too preserve your view of the outdoors, we offer the superlative solution. The vertical blinds that we offer are made of the most durable and advanced materials. The benefits of vertical blinds are astounding and are what have made them such a popular choice amongst home owners. Some of the benefits of vertical blinds include: Easy maintenance, easy operation and exceptional light control solutions.

How do they work?

Vertical blinds can be tilted open just like a horizontal blind. By pulling the chain, the vanes, or slats, open and close to let light in, and allow you to see out. Beyond that, they actually provide more options than a horizontal blind. Vertical blinds have the ability to stack in various ways. There is the standard left or right stack, which means that when you open your vertical door blind, the slats, or vanes, all draw open to the left side or the right side. Then there is the split draw, it opens the vertical door blinds from the center, and stacks an even number of slats to both the left and right sides.

Materials & colours

Vertical blinds are available in a range of modern colours and textures, from cover plain practical fabric to designer decorative fabrics, that gives the customer a vast array of choices. Many fabrics are both mould-resistant and fade-resistant, have an antistatic dust-resistant coating, and a wipe-clean surface.

Beneficial Features of Vertical blinds

  1. Vertical blinds are the most practical solution for large windows and sliding doors
  2. Vertical Blinds are suitable for unusual windows. For example, sloping windows.
  3. All verticals are simple to install and easily cleaned with warm soapy water.
  4. Some fabrics are fire-retardant.
  5. Vertical blinds are still one of the most cost effective ways to cover your windows.
  6. The vertical blind can be stacked to one side to allow maximum amount of light to enter a room.
  7. Vanes can be tilted to block out direct sunlight but still allow light to enter room.
  8. When vanes are open more light enter the room than with venetian blinds.
  9. Very tall windows, up to 5 metres high can be covered with vertical blinds.
  10. Very wide openings or doors, up to 12 metres wide can be closed with vertical blinds

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